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With Swiss Health Tourism you can reach a selected audience in the target markets. Such as CIS, GCC and Greater China. In addition to our own platforms, there is an excellent partner network of digital platforms and printed quality media. This communicative extension can be selected for specific target groups and contexts.Our Services

Strategic questions about the content marketing strategy are:

1) Customer Buyer Persona

  • What special characteristics such as needs, questions or problems do the personas have?
  • What are their demographic data such as age, gender, position?
  • What are their goals, expectations, interests, and visions?
  • What offers, solutions and experiences are they looking for?

2) Goals, benefits, topics

  • What goals is your company pursuing in content marketing?
  • What topics should be chosen to achieve high-quality brand positioning while addressing customer-centric concerns?
  • What benefits does the service offer?
  • Which sales arguments convince?

3) Story, formats, media plan

  • What is the key story?
  • How are the messages formulated?
  • What is the tonality?
  • What measures are required, such as blog, landing page, social media marketing?
  • How is the media plan conceived: paid media, owned media, earned media, social media?
  • How is the promotion, for example with Influencer Marketing?

4) Publications, actions, schedule

  • Which publications (such as white papers, blogs, video series) should be created?
  • Which actions (eg campaigns, webinars) should be planned?
  • What are the leitmotifs of the campaigns?
  • Which formats (such as texts, video, pictures) should be planned?
  • What is the campaign time and budget plan to achieve the goals?

5) Content Marketing Costs: Production, Processes, Tools

  • What is the cost framework for content production?
  • How is content production done: internally or externally?
  • How are the roles, tasks, processes, and responsibilities defined?
  • How are governance and quality management controlled?
  • What costs does the content promotion cost?

6) Content Marketing Controlling

Which key figures should be selected for success measurement for:

  • the financial perspective
  • the customer perspective
  • the internal process perspective
  • the learning and growth perspective?

The scope of the three components for the ghostwriting article:


  • Research and identify popular/affine media
  • Research and identify popular/affine topics
  • Choose the topics and write outlines

PR outreach

  • Identify the editors in chief of the chosen media
  • Start pitching them the outlines


  • Once one agrees, write the article
  • Check it with the customer and get it ready to publish

Media Network CIS

Swiss Health Magazine, Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Marie- Claire, InStyle, Conde Nast Traveller,  Aeroflot, Aeroflot Premium, Forbes, Forbes Woman, GQ, SNC, C and etc. In total: app. 50 leading magazines in Russia and CIS).

Example: Media consumption of Persona Natalya. Copyright: Swiss Medical Network


Example: Media consumption of Persona Natalya. Copyright: Swiss Medical Network


Example: Media consumption of Persona Natalya. Copyright: Swiss Medical Network


  • Web promotion and social media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Press calls, meetings with journalists
  • Translations, materials review
  • Cross marketing events (cooperation with doctors, golf/polo clubs, upscale beauty salons, centers, car centers, restaurants).
  • Presentation for celebrities (ambassadors):
    • Press tours, freelance journalists visits
    • Press breakfasts, presentations

The full organization, stand, technic, topic concept development, presentation, coordination and communication

  • Organization of the presentation at the exhibition: topic concept development, coordination, and communication of the topic with the sponsors of the exhibition, arranging the presentation to be on the agenda of the exhibition, coordination of timing.
  • Organization of technical support for the presentation – screen, microphone, laptop, etc. Pick up upon arrival at the exhibition and accompanying during the exhibition.
  • Assistance in obtaining Russia’s visa – we provide the invitation letter, which is a visa requirement
  • Personal Account manager for Moscow and CIS;
  • Sales-calls
  • Participation in medical conferences, road shows, and workshops
  • Professional translations;
  • Business breakfasts for potential Business Partners

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We believe in Content Marketing

From “inside out” to “outside in”
The most important principle of content marketing is to change the perspective: Anyone who wants to be seen, read and disseminated in order to position their commercial offer must find and fill suitable topics. And do not think in the usual product categories, but in experiences. Because those are the ones who arouse emotions, create brand loyalty and are told further.

Attention through interesting content
Promotion with content is an effective response to this digital noise in the fight for clicks and views. Instead of facing the reader suddenly and unintentionally in the way, textual advertising wins by immediately keeping a simple promise: Attention in exchange of relevant information and entertainment.

Well embedded and surrounded
The reader, through the editorial environment in relaxed-curious reading mode, decides independently to respond to the offer. In terms of layout, content and style adapted to the surrounding medium, the contributions underline their informative added value. In addition, Content Marketing campaigns that are well-implemented in terms of content additionally benefit from the unbroken flow of reading and the image of the environment in which they appear.

This is an on- and offline world
Not everything is digital. Especially not when it comes to health and personal contacts. Therefore, we not only communicate digitally. We are also represented in the classic print media. And we facilitate personal encounters in which we promote the development of the network and relationships.

Customized offers

If you only have a rough idea of what you’re after, don’t worry. We can help you to develop the brief and work out the best way to achieve your goals. 

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