Airdoc GmbH


As a health and beauty travel boutique, we are dedicated to the organization of medical and preventive examinations and treatments in Switzerland. Highly customized, for every kind of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Your link to first-class Swiss medicine.

We are also specialized in the growing need of telemedicine. Such as second medical opinion from Switzerland via air (digital). Video consultations and written opinions-assessments by Swiss doctors of previously diagnosed, health conditions or treatment plans.

And of course we bring the different languages together. Our network of competent interpreters and translators, experienced in the medical field, serves the languages German, English, Russian and Chinese.

Some services in detail

… compile a program of check-up, medical examination or treatment
… write down for medical reception to the right specialist as soon as possible
… organize an interpreter and, if necessary, round-the-clock language support
… give you a choice and for comparison the offers of various clinics, medical practices, other providers of medical services and their suggestions
… support in the translation of documents
… organize chauffeurs, hotels, excursions and other related services
… arrange a connection with your doctor on-line after your departure
… organize a second medical opinion from Switzerland, an independent medical examination, an assessment of your condition or a specific medical issue, both online and upon arrival in the country
… organize also health-improving rests and rehabilitations

Data Security
Airdoc GmbH works on the patient relation and data transfer side with a reliable, highly secure, Swiss data system for downloading medical files and protecting downloadable data on our server through our website. The system was created in Switzerland specifically for Airdoc GmbH and is fully in line with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Airdoc GmbH, your guide to health and beauty.

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