Perfect Smile Bad Ragaz

Joy of life, vitality and health are broadcast through beautiful and healthy teeth. Perfect Smile Swiss Dental Care Bad Ragaz puts your individual wishes at the center. At the top of the list are preventive measures to preserve and beautify your teeth.

We guarantee the highest quality and stand for the most modern, interdisciplinary treatment methods and techniques. A pleasant practice atmosphere combined with the highest level of expertise of the entire team lays the foundation for a gentle, fearless and sustainable treatment.


  • General Dental Health & Prophylaxis
    Tooth preservation, periodontal therapy, filling therapy
  • Holistic interdisciplinary dental health
    Allergological examinations, phytotherapy, nutritional advice, dental equipment diagnosis and therapy, interference field clarifications
  • Implantology
    Ceramic and titanium implants, bone structure and fixed dentures
  • Aesthetic dentistry
    Correction of color, shape and position of the teeth (ceramic fillings, ceramic veneer, Lumineer, whitening)
  • Snoring treatment
    Examination, analysis and therapy

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