Content Strategy

Strategic questions about the content marketing strategy are:

1) Customer Buyer Persona

  • What special characteristics such as needs, questions or problems do the personas have?
  • What are their demographic data such as age, gender, position?
  • What are their goals, expectations, interests, and visions?
  • What offers, solutions and experiences are they looking for?

2) Goals, benefits, topics

  • What goals is your company pursuing in content marketing?
  • What topics should be chosen to achieve high-quality brand positioning while addressing customer-centric concerns?
  • What benefits does the service offer?
  • Which sales arguments convince?

3) Story, formats, media plan

  • What is the key story?
  • How are the messages formulated?
  • What is the tonality?
  • What measures are required, such as blog, landing page, social media marketing?
  • How is the media plan conceived: paid media, owned media, earned media, social media?
  • How is the promotion, for example with Influencer Marketing?

4) Publications, actions, schedule

  • Which publications (such as white papers, blogs, video series) should be created?
  • Which actions (eg campaigns, webinars) should be planned?
  • What are the leitmotifs of the campaigns?
  • Which formats (such as texts, video, pictures) should be planned?
  • What is the campaign time and budget plan to achieve the goals?

5) Content Marketing Costs: Production, Processes, Tools

  • What is the cost framework for content production?
  • How is content production done: internally or externally?
  • How are the roles, tasks, processes, and responsibilities defined?
  • How are governance and quality management controlled?
  • What costs does the content promotion cost?

6) Content Marketing Controlling

Which key figures should be selected for success measurement for:

  • the financial perspective
  • the customer perspective
  • the internal process perspective
  • the learning and growth perspective?